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When an Ignorant Liberal American that has never been in Venezuela or lived in a Socialist Regimen tries to explain to Venezuelans what is going on in their country and why Socialism is good and why it did not work this time.
Venezuelan: we want democracy and a new government to regain our freedom.

American Liberal in Facebook: U.S trying to accomplish a coup d'état in Venezuela, when I’m fact Maduro is the legitimate president and Socialims is good for the poor people of Venezuela and CentralAmerica

Venezuelan: oh please stop Venezuelasplaining. Oh by the way Venezuelan is in South America
by sauce100 January 27, 2019
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When an ignorant idiot that has never been in Venezuela or lived in a Socialist or Democratic Socialist nation tries to explain to anyone else why things went wrong in Venezuela, but forgets that the same kinds of programs work quite well in other nations all over the world. They think they are venezuelasplaining, but are really just missing the fact that Venezuela was controlled by a dictator rather than an elected government, so Venezuela really didn't have true democratic socialism.
Don't try to Venezuelasplain why universal healthcare wouldn't work, when it works just fine in a dozen or more other nations in the world.
by Nightowl223 February 2, 2019
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