A person whos afraid to eat fruit or vegetables, or someone who doesnt want to eat fruit or veg.
Dudey 1: Want a broccli?
Dudey2: NO. that brocclis never hurt me. who would do such a thing. im a vegetablarian.

Guyey 1: Want a carrot?
Guyey 2: I dont think the carrot would like that.
by vegetablarianandproud January 09, 2011
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Someone who eats a diet consisting largely of plant based whole foods, especially vegetables and fruits, but does not completely exclude meat and dairy products. Not to be confused with vegetarian, which omits meat entirely.
Man I love eating fruits and vegetables, but I do occasionally crave some bacon, guess that makes me vegetablarian!
by sunnysideup7 July 24, 2016
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