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very clean boy
"I always thought of myself as a vcb, or very clean boy..." from the Chromeo, Yo Gabba Joint
by suzziederkins May 11, 2009
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Very cool Bro - An expression uttered in recognition of someone trying to act cool and inadvertently accomplishing the opposite. Bad manners are also considered an expression of being a "very cool bro". The term is pejorative but also uttered in a way that suggests that the Very Cool Bro would not be aware of the fact that it is an insult if he overheard it though he would assume its about him and likely google it.
1. Guy in ridiculous sports car blaring music too loud to draw attention to himself would be a VCB.

2. Guy who tries to cut a line while simultaneously acting like the people there before him have trespassed against him by arriving before him is a VCB.
3. Guy who brags loudly in public about sexual conquests hoping that others will hear him and be impressed.
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by Sdaedalus May 31, 2017
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