It means that you need or want a hug
It can be from someone specific or from any person. Your valt level can be calculated if you are asked a valt check.
Me: I'm feeling valt
Friend: comme here

*They hug*
Me: thx i'm unvalted now
by Luxalyzed January 24, 2020
soundcloud reperis/DOE gang līderis
Vai tu esi soundcloud reperis? nē, es esmu valts
by Aramandsnndskdskd32323 January 14, 2018
Soundcloud repers.
Tu zini to DOE gang līderi, Valts?
by HaGejs January 14, 2018
Playing League Of Legends 24/7 grinding keemo And he is a very sexy persone in general he gets all the girl.
Man i wish to be valts

Valts is a virgin doe
by Meningitas May 10, 2021
Ok my name is valts and my fucking names day is on 31st october with is halloween you pesents .
I am very shy i have no freins no life sad

I am also quite ugly but i have some freins witch are the real ogggs maa nib

Valts=ugly ass mothe fucker
Valts is ugly
by Valts November 9, 2019
The main character of Beyblade Burst. He is currently Top 1 Blader in the Beyblade Burst Sparking anime even if he is not the world champion anymore. His current Beyblade is Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A, an attack type. He is part of the team BC Sol, based in Spain, owned by Kristina Kuroda, who is often shipped with him. He is friends with bladers Shu Kurenai, Daigo Kurogami, Ken Midori, and Wakiya Murasaki who was with him while studying in Beigoma Academy.
by LetItRip016 October 12, 2020
A person who plays in Jugla Basketball and loves crack . He hates muslims
by Jugla November 4, 2019