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this guy is like vaidas (means this guy is awesom)
by dikis June 24, 2003
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A Vaida is a stunningly beautiful intelligent and passionate woman who will always brighten your day! Kind and caring, genuine and loyal, any guy would be lucky to see her smile since it’s so captivating! She is very classy and sensible, she makes a real effort with her appearance, dresses amazingly well and knows how to look great with make up! She is the most wonderful friend! Men want to be with her and women want to be her, when you go anywhere with a Vaida you feel on top of the world! A Vaida is not just the most beautiful woman you will ever meet, she also has a big heart, so if you see a Vaida give her a gift and take her on holiday, she totally deserves it!
Look here comes Vaida get her some flowers and take her out dancing!

How is Vaida so modest when she looks so irresistible?
by Lithuania lover May 02, 2018
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(pl. vaidos)
1. a magic flower sparkling in different colours
2. female Lithuanian name
1. I was taking a walk in a forest last night when i got totally lost. Fortunatelly, vaidos lit my way out.

2. -Hey, Egle , Do you want to see a movie tonite?

-I can't, I have serious plans, but call Vaida. She's usually lonely and bored.
by Megatron7779 April 28, 2011
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