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Vagitarianism is the practice and belief of cunnilingus on a spiritual level. A Vagitarian performs cunnilingus for the personal spiritual fulfillment achieved in the act of cunnilingus, but this practice is not limited to personal enjoyment. A true Vagitarian also achieves spiritual fulfillment in the pleasure attained in others by the practice of Vagitarianism. A true Vagitarian is dedicated to the continuous life long pursuit of education and enlightenment towards the perfection of their Vagitarian art. Vagitarians also dedicate themselves to educating all who seek spiritual fulfillment through Vagitarianism. Vagitarians believe the world can be made a better place through cunnilingus.
Through the practice of Vagitarianism he had many lovers.
by Manholejuice June 27, 2015
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Tina thought she was straight, but converted to vagitarianism after spending an amazing night with Alice.
by Elena17 March 04, 2012
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