A label given to a person who has not experienced sexual intercourse, a Virgin.

Originating from 'L Plate'; a square white sign with a red letter L on it, displayed on the back and front of a vehicle driven by a person who is learning to drive in the UK. L Plates are removed from the vehicle once the person is a qualified driver. See l-plate
John lost his V Plates at the party last night.
by boybeeps November 3, 2004
virgin, has not yet had sexual intercourse, not "broken in"
"look kates still got her v plates"
"yeah but she takes it in the arse instead!"
by chumley September 17, 2003
Virginity (esp. a woman's), deriving from the L-Plates used by "learner" drivers.
Hermione and Brad are going at it like rabbits man.
I thought she still had her V-Plates?
Nope. Graduated from them a while ago.
by Harry Moses October 8, 2007
colloquial reference to the existence of someone's virginity, based on the 'plates' displayed in or on a car, when a learner or probationary driver is behind the wheel.

L plates = learner driver
P plates = probationary driver (not yet full licence)
V plates = virgin
1:"Do you still have your V plates?"
2:"Yeah, but i've lost a couple of demerit points tho... ;) "
by tehlia November 8, 2010
A phrase commonly used to tell others that you have not yet lost your virginity. Using this phrase makes people laugh with you about not having sex, other than them laughing at you.
"Dude have you lost ur v's yet?"
"Nah man I've still got my V Plates"
by Stepdub January 18, 2012