the V shape mad by a male or females body, usually below the abs and above the pubic area, often found very appealing.
by teh shizzel October 5, 2009
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The "V" on a males body right above the groin.
I love guys with the V cut, its so sexy.
by Kev Nice March 12, 2006
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A slang word for the drug prescription drug diazepam also know as Valium in the Benzodiazepine family. They are highly abused and very addictive with a street value of 50 cents to a dollar a milligram on the street.

The term "V Cut" gets its name from the obvious letter "V" which is cut out of the center of the round pill.

Note that not all Valium have V's cutouts. Only the Roche brand have V cutouts which are more expensive than the generic ones at a pharmacy. Hence why you are unlikely to see any V cuts Versus you everyday generic brand Valium which have a V cutout.
Ivan: Yo kenny you got any V cut's left?

Kenny: Yeah, or wait... maybe not. I don't know if I ate them all, lost them or sold them. I forgot.. You seen my car keys?

Ivan: Get your shit together bro. Your a mess.
by Ivan S Tessmer January 25, 2013
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a brand-name Valium tablet.
those blue v-cuts i bought from my guy last night were bomb.
by erik! February 7, 2006
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v cut is used when calling someone/something “very cute”. It sounds cooler. V cut is not used to describe a body part just above the penis. no no no. Usually used amungst teens referring to something that isn’t accually attractive lolz.
that outfit is so V-cut. (That outfit is very cute)
by Emily29 June 2, 2018
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