When people make money off the suffering of others. They give faint hope to others and for that faint hope of improving their situation, they most likely wreck their entire life.
Giving usurious loans to students who never be able to pay back the loans. Charging interest on it and also never being able to get out of it even by bankruptcy or the most dire life threatening situations. The goverment commits usury by borrowing from middle class citizens and lending it to corporations who give the money to the extremely rich and powerful.
by Nevamind March 23, 2010
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Charging an exorbitent interest rate for borrowed money. Considered a criminal act in many countries.
Chase Bank recently raised it's interest rate on credit cards to 32.24%. This is usury at its finest.
by Mark275 March 20, 2007
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Usuri a Girl who Has brown or blonde hair but likes everything her way wants what she wants and just rude to people around her . Once she falls in love with a person you can’t seem to Make her stop she is like a leach gets stuck to people. But sometimes she is annoying but nice but mostly rude.
Usuri: I want ICE CREAM NOW
Girl: Calm down!
by Bubblybobatea November 27, 2018
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An answer to usury is lending circles. These have a long history in various countries. The non-profit Mission Asset Fund introduces them in the USA and take it one step further in that members of the lending circle are able to boost their credit scores. Each member will, for example, put $100 in the shared pot monthly. Then, after ten months that person will get $1000 with no interest rate. Their monthly contributions will be reported to a credit bureau to enhance their credit score.
Pay day loans are criminal. Usury! I’m going to join a lending circle instead.
by July 23, 2019
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the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest. Or borrowing repeated money from close friends without paying interest ie:Randy Furnia from Philip Volk.
Phil Volk continues the usury of borrowing money from Randy without paying an interest fee for the borrowed money.
by Yessir100% December 22, 2020
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