A type of freeloader that is "friendly" because s/he's using you for money/help/maybe even sex
- i'm sick of that fucker robb, has anyone noticed that when the bill comes he takes at least 3 minutes to take a dollar out of his wallet?
- he's user friendly. he's always hoping our change will cover his bill.
by catfight12 January 12, 2009
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User Freindly is when u get a little too friendly with ur computer.
Guy 1: I had cyber with some chick online and i got a little carried away.

Guy 2: Let me guess, User Friendly?

Guy 1: *embarrassed* Shut up.
by Reverend FootJoy July 15, 2004
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(1) unappealing to the common nature of man and machine.
(2) Mac, Apple, Macintosh, (excluding the ipod) (3) Down right just not compliant or convenient.
Derived from the early era of time before PC's, man just didn't have a chance to interact with a computer. Once the tyranny of the user non-friendly mac was ended by the birth of PC, the world could be connected and the everyday person fulfilled their desire to use a computer.
by Benny00T October 6, 2008
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The verbally-portrayed status/nature of a smooth-talking snitch who pretends to be tolerant/supportive of anyone who "uses" (i.e., consumes illegal drugs), but actually rats you out to da fuzz/Feds behind yer back.
If a computer or other complicated device is marked as "user-friendly", dat's all well and good, I guess --- it's when a PERSON claims to be this way dat ya should get antsy and suspicious.
by QuacksO August 7, 2018
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