Anti imperialist word to describe people who live in the USA in order to replace the term americans, since everyone who lives in the continent (not country!) America are americans and it is not a word exclusive for usanians.
A bunch of usanians were causing uproar on the internet.

Usanian music charts.
by bubblegum_b August 20, 2020
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Similar to United Statians, USAnian is a term used mostly by expats to denote North Amerians who are not Canadians.
You are at a bar in Shanghai and hear familiar language in a smattering of accents coming from a nearby table. You walk up to the table and greet the folks there, and they ask you to sit down. The next question they ask you, after "What are you drinking?" is "So...Canuck or USAnian?"
by bingoday July 5, 2007
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People from or living in the USA. Characterized by silly smile, fat bodies, and neverending self-confidence. They hate Europe in most cases, and pray to Obama for salvation from the evil Second and Third World. The only country in the Middle East they know about is Iraq (and lately Iran). Good people, but ... there can be better.
A: Hey, friend, I was in California last week and I only could see Usanians, they were everywhere!
B: Normal, friend, California is in the USA, after all.
A: But they seemed to hate me when I said I was European.
B: Absolutely normal, friend, they usually think America is the best and nothing can beat it.
A: Someday these Usanians will quit leading the world, won't they?
by Nitrobulgarine April 1, 2011
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