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In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional epic, "The Lord of the Rings," the Uruk-hai (Black Speech meaning Orc folk) were a new breed of Orcs that appeared during the Third Age. They were faster and stronger than their forebearers, and had the ability to travel in daylight. They are often mistaken to be a cross between Orcs and Elves, when in fact, Orcs are themselves transformed Elves--the purest form of life on Arda--who were captured and corrupted through torture and mutilation by Melkor in the First Age. Another common misconception is that they are a crossbreed of Orcs and Goblin Men; however, the term "Goblin" is synonymous with "Orc." Their exact origin is not precisely known, but it is suggested (and usually agreed) that they are the result of crossbreeding Orcs and Men, *hence* "Goblin-Men."
The Uruk-hai's armor was not turquoise!
by Gabbi November 28, 2005
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After giving your man a hand job, when you have his jizz on your hand, spread it to both hands then press it on both sides of his face like the white hand prints on the Uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings.
I totally gave my husband an Uruk-hai after I jacked him off.
by Alkalinesurge February 26, 2013
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Cross breed of Orcs and Goblin Men, many make the mistake of saying orcs and elves, but Orcs were originally mutated elves.
read the book yourself
by thats 4 me 2 kno January 20, 2005
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adj. describing the condition in which, as a result of extreme rage or frustration, one temporarily loses the ability to verbalize language, and can only roar and snarl like the goons in LOTR.
OK now, dude, no matter what the boss says in the meeting, stay cool, don't be getting all uruk-hai.

Whenever we argue she fucks me off so bad I get uruk-hai on her ass.
by the chief January 15, 2004
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