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A Zionist Jewfro dude born in Israel, who became an illusionist and claimed himself as one of the Gods from some planet, working for his God and made up some other craps. He gained his fame by bending some special spoons and lied to people that he did it with his mental power, but he was actually using few tricks. Few years later at James Randi's sow, he was invited there as a guest, but couldn't bend the forks that was supplied by the talkshow because he had to do it for REAL this time, so everyone started calling him phony. I do not know why he became a host in Phenomenom with Criss Angel, but w/e. He's so fake and so many people fell for him.
As James Randi says, "If Uri Geller bends spoons with divine powers, then he's doing it the hard way".

Uri: im have the most amazing power in the world, you know what i can do? i can bend a spoon.

Me: STFU i know that's a trick ,even my 4 year old nephew can bend that shit,

Uri: Well people in Israel still believe this shit,, lol

Me : lol ,, Criss Angel can do better than that
by Illusionist October 30, 2007
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