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What I type into google to get to with minimal typing.
Type urdic into google or into firefox, and it will get you here.
by Steve from Canada January 27, 2009
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Short for "urban dictionary".

What you do to a slang word you've never heard before, to figure out what it means.
I didn't know what "teh" meant so I had to urdic it.
by geekface December 12, 2007
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A person who finds the Urban Dictionary exciting, interesting, and relevant, when it is not.
Being an urdic, the computer programmer used terms from the site to diss people.
by Tootelth McPoo February 27, 2004
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The abreviation for Urban Dictionary.
Claire: hey Emma, where can i find the meaning of baxana?
Emma: Ur Dic!!
Claire: wow...thanks Emzi, you're the best in the west!
Emma: Yes, my mommy tells me i am...
by emza, aimz, pookie November 21, 2005
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A shortened word version of "Urban Dictionary" that can be easily confused with "your dick."
Hey do you know what this word means?

Idk... Let's Ur. Dic. it...

Dude.. Wtf?

Easy tiger, it's Urban Dictionary...
by happyhappyjoyjoy123456789 December 29, 2010
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