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short form for 'you are bad'. Often used by 1337 nubs in CS or someother online game where they think they pwn you and they call you bad or say 'urbad' or 'ur bad' to you. These people are usually just out there to annoy the crap out of people
Bob dies.
1337 nub: wow Bob, urbad, go home, never again, ur so bad, just leaave pl0x, urbad. gg
by cs pro hax0r guy cuz im 1337 November 27, 2008
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urbad is the username i've been using since 2002 cept mine is urbad02. i first used it on the game diablo 2 and have been using it ever since it is by far my favorite username i use
urbad02: sup
randomguy27: nothing much
urbad02: sweet same here
by urbad02 September 21, 2010
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When someone who plays a game takes it too far and calls everyone bad and says L all the time. After a while that person will become mildly unliked due to their tormenting behavior.
Aidan Lee likes to play Minecraft and call people bad because he is pro at left clicking on his mouse rapidly. ur bad
by XxA_DiamondBlockxX May 23, 2018
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