Def. 1 (verb): to genetically alter a non-human species in such a way that they achieve a level and style of intelligence approaching that of human beings.

Def. 2 (noun): the process of uplifting a species.

Def. 3 (noun): an uplifed species or individual members of such a species

Bachground: Possibly first coined by David Brin in his series of science fiction books "The Uplift Saga".
Def. 1 - Although they still had decades of work ahead of them, technology had finally progressed to a level where octopi could be uplifted to become functioning members of human society.
by Peter K. March 13, 2005
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you need uplifters in your tracks. a way of uplifting the crowed for them to appreciate it more. building up to a slamming bassline. mostly used by that "evidence" guy
ayo i threw uplifters on my tune now its the best thing ever
by GanjaSmuggler January 24, 2011
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Brad, a DJ/Producer who goes by the name of "evidence" strongly believes that uplifters are a requirement for any remix idea. If you are without "evidence" approved uplifters then you are a whack producer.
Holy guacamole Batman!! check out these sick uplifters in this new "evidence" tune!!
by sageonemusic January 24, 2011
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the best clan ever! made by fat himself!
Friend: yo u heard about that clan?
Friend 2: oh yeah UpLiFT? they good as fuck
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The budget way to give your boobs that perky look, simply wrap rubber bands around them and you will feel udderly uplifted. Careful that you don't leave the bands on too long you don't want your bangers to turn blue
I restored my breasts to their former glory by wrapping rubber bands around them, I feel udderly uplifted
by The Milk Man Cometh November 22, 2020
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Uplifted Society also known as UPSO is a Toronto based clothing line that represents one with an "Uplifted" mind. It us owned by Kedre and Tyrone.
Yo, I just copped my UPSO crew neck that says Uplifted Society on the chest from
by simplysymmie February 24, 2014
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uplift others

Also known as “UPLO”. Your actions, raise a persons level to THEIR next level.

An act that helps others, resulting in a positive outcome and feeling of upward momentum.
When they go low, we UPLO.

When they go low, we uplift others.
by UPLO Daily February 11, 2023
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