To be at GN mall on the 40th hour of your work week.
Mall cops roll deep up in the cut.
by D221 July 8, 2006
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Originated from the state of New Jersey often worn by club going males. Consists of of extreme fade from bald on sides to 3 inches of lenth on top. Often accompanied by ICE PICKS, extreme fake tan, Armani exchange shirts, and sunglasses indoors. Hair is usually dripping with over abundance of hair gel. Most Blow Up Cuts roam the streets of New Jersey.
DAMN Fabrizio!! Your Blow Up Cut is Crazy tonight!
by Mark08 March 10, 2006
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a slang term used to communicate between 2 or more people that one has been fornicating with a female
mike: dude where you been?

john: o just laid up in the cut.

mike: was it very bloody?

john naw it was dressed.
by jackie knoff October 26, 2006
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to make a quick getaway; to abandon all and run for it.
Person 1: "There's police outside."
Person 2: "Ye, grab the money and let's up and cut."
by the bald seagull October 25, 2019
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