3 definitions by Ronald.j chanefeild

When you to twist your pubic hair at opposite ends to make them look devil horns
are you ready?

Yeah, let me start deviling pubes real quick
by Ronald.j chanefeild April 3, 2021
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the art of pranking someone by drawing on the edge of a soda or beer can with a marker and giving it to someone, preferably a new coworker or intern
"Thanks for the soda" *takes a sip*

"HA!, now you have a starter-pack 'stache!"
by Ronald.j chanefeild August 19, 2022
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usually in a movie, the unsung hero has major importance in the story by doing something major, but then is brushed off as a side character.
an example would be Hobie Brown in across the spider verse or the hacker in the isle of dogs
(these are both the unsung hero of the movie )
by Ronald.j chanefeild October 5, 2023
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