To improve the condition of something, that otherwise sucked, and bring it to a state of kickass.
We made his website unsuck. It sucked before hand. Now it is kickass!
by Kickass Branding January 2, 2009
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uhn-suh-ka-bol, adj.

Literal translation of the Spanish slang word inmamable, used to describe someone (or something) that cannot be tolerated.
Tina: I can't stand Sebastiana anymore!
Edward: Si, esa tipa es unsuckable
by Spanglish Peeps April 16, 2014
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When an online community gets stigmatized by general audiences due to the actions of a vocal minority.

The Unsucked Cock Treatment is often given to fandoms or communities whenever more extreme fans start generally behaving obnoxiously around the internet. The Unsucked Cock Treatment was coined from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's fandom, due to how it's fans became notorious for spamming JJBA-related memes and media everywhere; resulting in the creation of the "JoJo fans when they see an unsucked cock" meme.
"Hey, what's been happening to that recent FPS game that's been getting popular? I'm seeing the fans regularly being stigmatized."
"Oh, fans have been promoting and praising it everywhere they go, so they've been receiving The Unsucked Cock Treatment as of late."
by Idiotinfrontofadesk August 8, 2021
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