An unseasoned cabbage is a lazy slob that doesn't deserve your time.
Ben : how she's a bitch she must be an unseasoned cabbage
by YourMumsFave June 19, 2018
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Someone who is being stupid and not using their common sense to understand somethinf simple.
Friend: How do I change the brightness on my phone?

Me: You're such an Unseasoned Cabbage!
by MrAdemola123 June 17, 2020
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An idiot who does something rash in the heat of the moment
p1 is being aggressive about who won at club penguin connect

p1:You’re such a selfish dickhead
p2:Shut up you unseasoned cabbage
by ILiveInACabinInAlska January 27, 2020
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Everyones definition of this is different, but Unseasoned cabbage is when you are not really relatable, or when you don’t know a well-known thing.
“ did you see this tiktok its really funny“
“no? I don’t even get it.“
“ u unseasoned cabbage
by urbanslangtranslater November 10, 2020
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