Very rare name. Females with the name of Unnam or called Unnam live intense lives, are always on the search for meaning / wisdom, and are constantly changing. The latter is because they are influenced and inspired by their surroundings. They are puzzling with multiple traits - capricious, impulsive, outrageous, disordered, artistic, calm, intelligent, sweet. They are usually beautiful but not always aware of this or their effect on others.
"I hope that Unnam doesn't know the extent of her power."
by msol April 29, 2012
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The dudes who follow Jarvis Johnson, Really Good Upcoming YouTuber, Should Blow up at some point
Ayyy, Unnamed Fanbase am I right
by L_for_Lone March 26, 2019
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A GD (Geometry Dash) online level usually created by Player.
- Hey dude have u played the star rated 10, XL, featured, epic level "Unnamed 0" by Player? It's amazing!
- Nope
- Then u don't exist men
by IDK what pseudonym to use January 10, 2021
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When five or more scrubs (see nub) get together and attempt to accomplish certain tasks together.
gg. idle and perform these scrubs channel if you want buttsex: #unnamed
by Seckzi January 5, 2004
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