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The Unnamed or the Unnamed Fandom is the way fans of the duo Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin call themselves . In the Thai series KinnPorsche that shot to fame from April to July 2022 Mile plays Kinn and Apo plays Porsche.
Separately Mile's fans are the Greeny Roses and Apo's are Colleagues ( Apo's Colleagues), so an alternative name for the ship fandom is GreenyColleagues.
The Unnamed Fandom will either start their tweets with a line of green and yellow hearts, or with cherries and croissant emojis.
by Ulissey January 16, 2023
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EsKPism is the high you get by being a KP fan . It pulled millions of fans all over the world through a shitty year 2022, so it's really effective and a great way to smile at life.

It is obtained by rewatching and editing all the contents you can find online, spending sleepless nights in a worlwide trending party to break Twitter and the net (with nearly 3 million tweets for a single hashtag), and stanning all sixteen hunks from KinnPorscheTheSeries, incidentally starting to learn Thai, instead of getting things done at home, at school or at work.

Downside is, once you get addicted, there's no way back. Don't start me on Bible stripping on "Come Together" in Taipei.
There's more to KinnPorsche The Series than esKPism. There's Tong on stage in Manila waving the rainbow flag for the world to see, cheered by the rest of the gang and thousands of fans.

And there's Mile stating KP is about soft power for his country in his Man Of The Year interview.
by Ulissey January 16, 2023
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