The flagship school of the state of maine, located in Orono. Consistantly one of the best hockey schools in the nation. Also known for great engineering, forstry, and natural sciences. UMaine students are the frendliest of any college campus in the northeast, and are happy they are getting the same or better education their friends are without paying $40K to do it.
The university of Maine went to the frozen four last year, as well as the national civil engineering competition.
by maine-iac July 13, 2006
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A place where all the homos in the world come together to learn about different things to shove up their ass. You might have heard of U Maine for making up the elephant walk and the game cum cookie or maybe the record for number of dicks in a single ass hole. These are all achievements of U Maine that they are very proud of. There also known for their horrible sports that get fucked up every year. U Maine fuck you.
I hate the University of Maine there a bunch of homos

Guy 1: Dude you want to go to Canada?

Guy 2: Fuck that we'll have to go by the University of Maine and the stink of ass cum from that place is enough to make me shit out my mouth.
by Teets360 December 11, 2008
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Golden main dancer is used to described Enhypen Lee Heeseung for his remarkable dancing skill. He can adapt to any genre and song smoothly. His moves can be powerful, flawless , smooth , and anyting depend on what song he dances to. He is also get the title main center because when he dances in the center, everything looks so balance so that the group dance looks more solid and powerful.
by cassielou_ July 21, 2021
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This school is somehow better then every other university in the state and at the same time is worse then every other school in the country.
The first year I went here there was a "Party in the woods" I didn't go, but apparently the cops were going to bust the party.
The teachers are always new hires and don't know how to teach at all.
Some of them don't even teach the class and just showed slide shows, making the students have to learn the material by themselves.
Somehow 30% of people actually managed to graduate.

The most you can say is that you learned nothing from this school.
Me: Hey, guess what? I graduated!
Friend: Awesome, what school did you go to?
Me: The University of Southern Maine.
Friend: oh.... congrats?
by IsomehowDidntFail October 30, 2019
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