1 definition by IsomehowDidntFail

This school is somehow better then every other university in the state and at the same time is worse then every other school in the country.
The first year I went here there was a "Party in the woods" I didn't go, but apparently the cops were going to bust the party.
The teachers are always new hires and don't know how to teach at all.
Some of them don't even teach the class and just showed slide shows, making the students have to learn the material by themselves.
Somehow 30% of people actually managed to graduate.

The most you can say is that you learned nothing from this school.
Me: Hey, guess what? I graduated!
Friend: Awesome, what school did you go to?
Me: The University of Southern Maine.
Friend: oh.... congrats?
by IsomehowDidntFail October 30, 2019