-A shithole college in the middle of nowhere. Half of the people who managed to get through Maine's sub par school system and were just good enough to avoid ending up in Husson (I.e. not smoke enough pot) attend UMaine because they are TOOLBAGS. You can identify a UMaine student if they either: A.) are wearing way too much Blackbear merchandise (sweatpants, hoodie, flip flops, etc.) B.) Think it's awesome being an "Undecided" major. C.) are stoked to go back to their podunk hometowns and work at the local textile mill and vote Republican for the rest of their lives. And finally D (That's the letter that gets you a degree at UMaine) : use the excuse "I went here because I couldn't afford any other school".
"Dude, you see that guy with the tilted blue cap, gray hoodie, and baggy sweatpants buying dip at the convenience store today, he's a UMaine student... If I were him i'd off myself."

"They're doing some more budget cuts at UMaine, the cafeteria food not only gives you diarrhea but now it looks like Alpo."

"Oh, so you're majoring in Journalism/Business Education/ Philosophy at UMaine? I heard Irving has an opening for you when you graduate..."
by IllicIlluc January 24, 2010
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A bitch as mofo of a school with a mean streak the size of Barack Obama's dick, and financial aid gaps as wide as your mom's vajayjay.
"Dude, you are a fucking retard"

"Yeah, i go to UMaine. "
by xXxoxo6blackbear9xoxoXx January 15, 2009
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