An amazing school in a crappy state where parties kick a!@, hot girls are plentiful, and work can be put off until tomorrow.
UD- Better than your school since 1743.
You don't go to UD, but you wish you did.
by Wendel May 22, 2005
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An insanely ridiculous "college" where not that much studying goes on... except for odd engineer and mathematics majors. Where the free time, which is all of the time, consists of goign to d.p. dough, checking out the latest betties and bobbies on main street, and lots and lots of beer. The best parties found off-campus or in the courtyard apartments or towers...The coolest students are actually from delaware, and the occasional rich jew from northern jersey or an obscure place like ohio.
Let's go to university of delaware because the parties at our school suck!!

Wow, she obviously goes to university of delaware judging from her lack of brains, and excess in makeup on her face!
by UD GROUPIE May 9, 2005
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A great and well-respected University with the first, and one of the best, study abroad programs in the nation. The convenience of winter sessions only adds to the ease of studying abroad multiple times througout your college experience.
I'm going to the University of Delaware because it is a great school with amazing study abroad opportunities!
by Thomas Michael B. December 13, 2008
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A university in the first state, Delaware, whose academics are increasingly improving. In addition to this school's selectivity and growing prestige, University of Delaware offers public-school tuition, an added bonus. Furthermore, the campus is extremely beautiful and this college is on its way to becoming a great, national university contender.
The University of Delaware is a beautiful college with intelligent students!
by Johnathon W. A. March 10, 2008
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A third-rate state university that has suceeded in brainwashing its students into believing that the First Amendment is evil.
Sticks and stones may break your bones, but if someone calls you a name the University of Delaware will expel them.
by Jake in NYC December 13, 2005
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College located in Newark, DE 19711

UD specializes in assigning students numbers and only caring if your tuition is paid up.

Prof do seem to car for students if you let them.

Party school where admin constantly tries to curb college "binge" drinking with gov't grants.

Where cops are assholes

A college that used to be really ool when the Ballooon was still around

Where locals are reffered to as "townies" but in reality only applies to the thugs that hang out that do NOT actually attend UD ex "your from Newark" yes "so your a townie?" No, I actually go here
I go to University of Delaware because I didn't apply anywhere else

My parents are happy I'm staying in DE, please shoot me
by bmel17 May 20, 2009
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Essentially, the only halfway decent university in Delaware where students without a choice or any real aspirations go in order to fulfill their parents academic wishes.
John: So, what school you going to after you graduate?

Friend: I don't know. I guess the University of Delaware.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005
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