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(Home to the University of Delaware and the trashiest townies you will ever meet.) Can best be described as "A DRINKING TOWN WITH A COLLEGE PROBLEM"
Quite possibly the only college town where the townies behave worse than the students.
by LP April 08, 2005
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Home of the University of Delaware, a city that litteraly cares more for the students that attend the University, than its own residents. This is largely observed by the continued closings of longtime local favorite bars and resturants to clear land for student apartments.
"Man the rent rates are outrageous in Newark, De, they charge $800 for a studio everywhere you go!
by gaveUPjesusfordrinking September 24, 2015
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DelaWHERE? Newark is a small cluster of houses with a huge college problem. With 1 McDonnalds in a 10 mile radius, you should get the picture. Besides going and "hanging out" on Main Street, theres nothing to do. And the only thing to do on Main St is buy XTC and shitty Marijuana. Delaware doesn't have any good drugs... neither does Newark.

Newark is also home to The University of Delaware. Also known as the "Party college". Freshman walk around every day of the week looking for parties to attend, and cheat their way through class. Note: If you're a girl... always make sure you have extra condoms on hand.
Person from New York City: Hey bro, where ya from?
Newark resident: I'm from Newark, DE.
NY Person: Newark New Jersey?
Newark resident: No no... Delaware. It's south of New Jersey.
NY Person: Oohhh! You mean Maryland?
Newark resident: Uhh, no. It's a State between New Jersey and Maryland.
NY Person: What you smoking crakka?
by -snafu- November 10, 2006
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