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a term used for a group of two or more people walking in front of you who are walking really slow, and you are having trouble getting around them because the walkway is too narrow and/or there are people walking in the opposite direction, and it enrages you so much you think they are conspiring against you.
Tedward: those fatasses were walking in front of me and i just couldn't get around them

Olaf: i know exactly what you're talking about. united fronts suck!
by Saparmurat December 01, 2010
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When disparate groups or individuals band together to work on a project or achieve a goal together. For example, several non-profits may present a united front to support or oppose legislation that would affect the people they serve, even though they may otherwise compete for contracts against one another.

The term was originally based on its military applications in terms of different forces allying against common enemies, and also used in terms of revolution and reform movements against common foes.
Although they often disagreed about parenting methods, Bob and Jane decided they would have to have a united front when dealing with Billy's Internet addiction.
by Crisses November 29, 2017
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