When disparate groups or individuals band together to work on a project or achieve a goal together. For example, several non-profits may present a united front to support or oppose legislation that would affect the people they serve, even though they may otherwise compete for contracts against one another.

The term was originally based on its military applications in terms of different forces allying against common enemies, and also used in terms of revolution and reform movements against common foes.
Although they often disagreed about parenting methods, Bob and Jane decided they would have to have a united front when dealing with Billy's Internet addiction.
by Crisses November 29, 2017
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a term used for a group of two or more people walking in front of you who are walking really slow, and you are having trouble getting around them because the walkway is too narrow and/or there are people walking in the opposite direction, and it enrages you so much you think they are conspiring against you.
Tedward: those fatasses were walking in front of me and i just couldn't get around them

Olaf: i know exactly what you're talking about. united fronts suck!
by Saparmurat December 01, 2010
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In the Halo universe, the United Rebel Front is the bane of the UEG and UNSC's existence (prior to the Covenant). As their name implies they are a massive unification of rebel and terrorist groups hellbent on getting the so called outer colonies independence from the Inner colonies. According to Halo lore, the URF was created in 2491 when a UNSC naval commander (illegally) used nuclear weapons to put down a rebellion on the colony Far Isle. The URF uses mostly old, outdated weapons and vehicles bought off the black market, though they occasionally steal or capture weapons, equipment, vehicles or even ships from the UNSC. They have tried to overthrow the governments of at least several colonies including Eridanus II, the homeworld of John-117 (aka the master chief). They fight with guerilla tactics, but almost never really win battles against the UNSC without extreme losses. When the UNSC met the Covenant in 2525, the URF became target practice for the alien invaders and for the SPARTAN-II super soldiers.
The United Rebel Front suffered heavy losses during the liberation of Eridanus II.
by atomicpacman March 12, 2011
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The Australian branch of global fascism.

The States have the KKK; the Brits have Ukip; the Aussies have the United Patriots Front.

They oppose non-whiteness and non-Aussie religion. Sorry I'm not talking about the Indigenous religion known as the Dreaming that goes back thousands of years in Australia, but the religion introduced to the country in 1788.

For example, Jesus wasn't born a Middle-Eastern man in a manger, but a bronzed Aussie with tight pecks, wrapped in an Australian flag.

If you understand the difference between an adjective and a verb, you needn't apply. All that matters is the flag, juicing up, praying to the ANZACs, hating anything not white and a lack of charisma.
The United Patriots Front is an emerging body of critical thinkers who have crafted a mythology about the way Australia is or was or should be or something. Like all white supremacists, they are ticked off with their own lives and are blaming anyone who believe in basic human rights for their misery.
by witless November 21, 2015
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The United Patriots Front (UPF) is a populist far-right movement based in Australia which opposes Islam. Although the UPF and its members deny being racist, their social media video rants and behaviour at protests suggests otherwise. The UPF leaderships is made up of militaristic narcissistic racists, and its followers tend to be uneducated bogans who feel disenfranchised under the current system of government and/or intimidated by people who have intellectual capacity beyond grunting.
"I'm going to a protest rally today organised by the United Patriots Front because I'm a racist bigot."
by Pineapple Thief October 18, 2015
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