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1. Mad case of Assgina.
2. When the vagina is linked to the butt crack, therefore no space inbetween the anus get it.
1. Damn she's sweaty, she left her unicrack print on the seat.

2. I'm sorry Miss, we're going to have operate on your anis. Ok, pass me the unicracker.

3. "Unicrack, from front to back."
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
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A magical creature which is much like a unicorn, but except of having a horn, it has a coat rack. On average, they live up to 4,500 years.
Hey, my mom got my little brother a baby unicrack for his birthday. Now he'll have something to play with and somewhere to hang his scarf.
by alfachino May 25, 2007
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