Couples that r weird and awkward and annoying around each other and get into fights every week.
Tegan and Emily have an unhealthy relationship.
by Kandjfksbabdiabdb February 9, 2019
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No sex 🙄
1.Bro I spend 7 mouths in a "unhealthy relationship".

2. Dude to my " unhealthy relationship" porn been my bestfriend 🙄🙄
by Unhealthy relationship April 30, 2016
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A relationship that causes physical pain, vows that revolve around unaliving, and pain to everyone around them.
Oh dude, have you seen the latest headline about Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox? The engagement ring he gave her stabs her. They drink each other's bl00d too... Weird stuff. What a Toxic/Unhealthy Relationship.
by HarmoniousChaos July 1, 2022
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