Undertale is a game created by indie developer, Toby Fox. In it, you can choose to either spare every entity that appears before you, or slaughter them mercilessly. It has multiple endings, a fantastic soundtrack, and although it doesn't have the best graphics, its story, wittiness, and humor make it a very enjoyable game.
by killermoobs January 29, 2016
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A game made by Toby fox that broke the hearts of many, with its amazing storyline, awesome characters, beautiful soundtrack, and graphics.
Undertale broke my heart

And also gave me a permanent fear of flowers
by Kurn_DAWGZ November 20, 2015
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An adventure RPG made by indie developer Toby Fox. It has a diverse and engaging storyline that has many paths to follow, and many endings as a result.
Hey, you should try genocide for your first play on undertale!
Nah man, fuck that. Pacifist has a better ending you dickwad.
by ArmedDolphin November 1, 2015
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An RPG game made by Toby Fox, has the bullet-hell style but also has one of the worst communities people ever known, making so much hate to it. The storyline is fine though. The acronym is UT(UnderTale).
UT player: Yo, you played Undertale?
Someone: No.
Ut player: You should try it out!
by r1dfgamez August 24, 2018
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A condition caused by the height and weight ratio not working out just right.
She's not overweight, she's undertall.
by cowboy_up September 4, 2009
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A story-driven RPG indie game designed by Toby Fox. It has a large, engaging and emotional storyline. It is famous for it's quality sound track. It uses the pixel art style and executes it perfectly. Unfortunately this game has been ruined by a highly annoying fanbase much similar to "Five Nights at Freddies" and "Minecraft." Also for the masses amounts of hentai revolving around a fat skeleton and a "goatmom." I highly recommend buying it, but avoid the fanbase.
Nathaniel: Hey, I just finished Undertale, very engaging and emotional.
Evan: omg lol u shud tots join fanbase and look at my collection of goatmom porn
Nathaniel: Bye!
by Game of ROBLOX January 9, 2016
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I'm an undertaler, too.
by Dogaahs April 17, 2016
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