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The distinct area off the bottom that is at the lower part of the gluteus maximus. Usually the underbutt is highly regarded in terms of attractiveness. Often the underbutt is discovered at the beach when womens bikinis do not cover the whole area of the bottom.
Amy has an excellent underbutt
by bicbiq December 22, 2008
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n. the cleavage at the bottom of ur butt and top of ur leg. Usually on girls with bigger butts. Also known as under tuck.
Guy 1: Damn! do u see that chick over there? shes got a nice ass!
Guy 2: Yeah shes got a nice under butt too!
by katiegurl19512 October 23, 2009
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The second butt created below the original butt by tight underpants, where the elastic is doing all the work, under tight pants.
in my jogging tights i have an underbutt and a muffintop and in between is my ba-donka-donk
by tiffawiffa April 21, 2009
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When girls wear short shorts and you can see the bottom part of their butts.
Damn did you Ashley's shorts? Her underbutt is completely exposed, and it caused me to bust an instant nut.
by Tinnysman July 11, 2018
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