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Term used to define the action of reassimilating a person of dark skin into their local racial culture after said person has adopted the traits and mannerisms of so-called 'whites', usually after living in a primarily white neighborhood for some time.
Dark Guy : Yo, 'sup homie? Ain't seen you in a minute, son! What da word? And why you dressed like dat?

Bleached Guy : Um, well, I've been doing well. Graduated last March. I work at Old Navy now. It's going pretty well.

Dark Guy : (a confused and disgusted look on his face) Shit, mufucka! We needs to get you back ta hood! Git dat belt off and sag dem shorts! Here, take my spare grill and stick it in ya mouf. And speak words I can understand!

Unbleached Guy : Dag, yo! Thanks fo the unbleach! I had my shit twisted like a mufucka fo a quick minute! On da real!
by blackholepcs July 07, 2009
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