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An internet phrase expressing total and complete cunfusion, dumbfoundedness, or pretty much any other emotion one would express over the internet.

Combines 4 famous 3 letter abreviations.
Laugh out loud, oh my god, what the fuck, barbeque.
Guy: So like E=MC2

Guy: Thats what she said!!!
by Jon Comulada May 23, 2007
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I have heard 2 definitions of this:
1) Lolomgwtfbbq - lolomgwtf (you know this) bitch be quiet. Ifsomeone says a completely stupid thing, or something that is rediculously funny.

2) Lolomgwtfbbq - Something that is a filler and/or word describing confusion.
1) N00b: You know how i know your gay? Cuz you are gay and like loads of girls.
Me: lolomgwtfbbq

2) n00b: durka durka durka muhammed jihad
me: lolomgwtfbbq - i dunt speak pakeh
by oli_pwns_u January 28, 2008
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