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1. Universal, descriptive word, used when a definitive definition is neither sought nor intended
2. Positive or negative taunt, dependant on expression, situation and person using it
3. The act of being um
Examples of um and umness in everyday speech:

1. As a taunt:
"Hey Truck, did you end up going to see Star Wars?"
"Star Wars is um cobber, I'm not paying to see that umness"

2. As a question:
"What are you planning on doing with all that umness champ?"

3. As an answer:
"You coming down the park for some cricket man?"
"Nah, I still feel pretty um from last night"

4. As a statement of frustration
"47 minutes until the next train? That's um"
(note: the longer you hold onto the 'a' in 'that's' is a direct reflection to the amount of frustration felt. For example: "47 minutes until the next train? Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's um" would infer a great deal of frustration)
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