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Also known as UG, originally started as a guitar tabulature website, with a forum added later. It has become (one of) the biggest guitar site(s) on the internet, possibly one of the biggest sites on the internet. It is infamous among its members for the "Pit", its miscellaneous forum which acts as a black hole, doubling as a killer of social lives. The Pit is no killer,just pure filler, as its many thousands of viewers babble on and on, recycling 4chan memes, as well as spamming, flaming, and generally talking bullshit. Its power remains unexplained.

The rest of the site is relatively harmless, although stocked with both intellectuals and imbeciles as it is.
Where lives once may have flourished, has taken them
by Mastabassist September 23, 2007
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AKA UG; The Pit; Russian-servers-are-located-here!; Kensai's Dungeon; Hell; HEEEEEEY!!

A community that will overtake 4Chan one day. Needless to say, UG is a pretty awesome website. It's filled with video lessons, tablature, reviews and Guitar Pro files that will teach you how to be an aspiring guitarist, probably better than douchebags like Lil Wayne UG has also installed widgets for members so if you check them out, they are so rad (wow, I sound like a chav)

UG is also popular for one thing: The Pit, where all 14-year olds, who are regular fappers and have no life at all (I just kid..) The Pit is seriously weird but you'll seem to like every user that you'll see, unless you're a girl. It is filled with every meme possible and ridiculous news. If you're addicted to the Pit, you're called a Pit Monkey - idk wtf that means.
BOY 1: Dude, wtf should we do now?
BOY 2: Idk...
BOY 1: How about fapping?
BOY 2: No, let's visit
BOY 1: You're no f*cking guitarist
BOY 2: =D
by gavz_verdikt August 07, 2009
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Ultimate-guitar is an awesome website in which individuals from all over the world can meet and converse, having highly intelligent conversations and sharing knowledge on all aspects of music.
I'm glad i found Ultimate-Guitar. Now i don't need to leave the house.
by guylee January 21, 2008
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A website/forum with great guitar tablatures. It has some awesome guitarists that tab songs and even make instructional videos.

Unfortunatley the forum community is mostly made up of dumbass high school freshmen who want to learn to play power chords like their hero, Billy Joe Armstrong. And God forbid when they try to tab something simple like a pop-punk song, they fuck it up somehow.
If you're a good guitarist who doesn't think that My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold are the pinnacle of musicianship, come check out Ultimate-Guitar.

If you picked up the guitar to try to get pussy, stay the fuck away.
by bryan18 December 27, 2005
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A large guitar tab website with forums and news. If the article is created and it's about a band, the members will find anything, making sense or not, to bitch about. It is apparant that being a member of the UG Forums is contradictory in itself because the members are in a music community, but they clearly dislike all music and have to find some way to slander it so they can seem like badasses to their homies. They are also known to have poor grammar.
insert band name are shit. insert lead singers name NOT capitalized, mind you is a fag and needs to die

- Typical quote of an ultimate-guitar member.
by LyksMuzik March 18, 2008
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