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1.bubbly, loud, energetic girl.
2.a girl so sun-kissed, she has to smile so you can see her.
3.a dependable friend to make you laugh.
me:dang ulani!
me where are you?
me:there you are, don't sneak up on me like that.
by hope&faith February 17, 2008
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Ulani is a bubbly and cheerful individual. Dark and beautiful. Driven to succeed and is a very good writer.
Gail: Hey Ulani, what's up?
Ulani: Hey, I'm cool heading to the beach..
by Allí April 13, 2017
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One of the nicest girls you will meet ulani has a funny sense of humour and is extremely pretty ulani always smells SO good and is very chill. She loves her freinds and will do anything for them she’s very friendly. dont underestimate ulani though she can be viscous.
*ulani walks in*

Guy 1 “oh wow who is that”
Girl “I love her hair!”
Guy 2 “guys that ulani she’s amazing”
by Cloudcrayon June 14, 2018
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A tribe member, usually eating hotdogs on he rbreak.
Olivia: Heyy Ulani, I heard a dog got to take the role of Vicki.

Ulani: Cool, Vicki will love that!

Olivia: Dang, Voldemort just hung up on me ):

Olivia & Ulani: Hahahahahahah!!!!
by TeeheeSaidTheDuck October 08, 2011
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