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If you do that, you are ukered- basically, a polite word for f8cked...firsr heard in the West of England, much used in the woodworking dept of City of Bristol College by the tutors..''your'e ukered'' means ''your'e in trouble with that job now, e.g, if timber is cut too short, or some other serious error made, or of a power cut descends, while you have a lot of machining to do....your'e ukered. It also means ''screwed'', as in, things not going well, a spanner in the works.
Ukered has never been heard elsewhere, and seems to be used mainly in the Bristol area, U.K.
''Did you not double check your measurements? you've cut this too short, it's ukered... '' ''You broke the bandsaw...we are all ukered til it gets fixed'' ''you'll be ukered if the timber delivery doesn't arrive today, as the work needs to be marked by the end of the week''
by Green oak December 29, 2011
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