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A person who is in no way, shape or form conventionally attractive but everything they do, how they talk, how they walk and the way they move is so incredibly hot that it makes them somehow better looking. Is still centered on physicality, but is more about how they use their body/body language than their ugly faces. Coined for my former high school Chemistry teacher; are often tall, gangly and interesting men like Chris Martin from Coldplay.
"Oh look at that gangly, odd looking, very hot strutting guy over there!"

"He's not hot, he's uglyhot."

"Yeah, and uglyhots are incredibly rare, so I'd totally do him."
by LabAssistant July 08, 2009
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Applies to a guy or girl who is ugly , yet everyone finds them attractive . Similar to a "butter face" . People may find this person hot because of their body , social influences , or unexplained reasons (usually ends up to be charm) .
Claire : Yo Jen ! This boy is so hot !
Jen : Dude why does everyone think he's hot ..
Claire : Dude he's just uglyhot . But i love it .
by Taylor Swift February 29, 2012
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An ugly chick for whom for some reason is hot.
Hey I know Meagan is ugly but for some reason i wanna bang her. She is ugly-hot.
by sourdeez July 03, 2009
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a male or female who has both ugly and hot characteristics about them. and is usually doable.
helena bonham carter is the original ugly hot.

pharrell isn't cute he is more like ugly hot.
by courtney&lu December 14, 2010
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When a girl is naturally ugly/unattractive, but acquires all the "playing cards" of being attractive in today's world, therefore passing for "hot." Playing cards include, but are not limited to: tight/hugging designer jeans, trendy hairstyle, trendy clothes, hair highlights, etc. Many many girls you see out and about are very ugly-hot.

"Damn, did you see that girl? She was hot!"

"No she wasn't bro, take a good look, her face isn't pretty. She's ugly hot"

"Whatever, she's hot enough to hit it"


by Hantuj March 12, 2007
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Mostly applies to emo and hipster kids. Someone is ugly-hot if:
1. You'd hit it.
2. You'd be embarassed if your friends found out.
3. You'd still hit it if they did.
"Look how hot that guy is over there!"
"Are you kidding? Look at that mullet!"
"OK, fine, he's ugly-hot."
by Kai Azad August 20, 2005
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