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Ugga Dugga. (Ugg-guh dug-guh)

Unit of Measurement regarding time and usually torque. Often found in automotive stores, mechanic's garages, and redneck tractor pulls.
Ugga duggas can be counted infinitely, but it is commonly understood that 5 Ugga duggas is the maximum for torque, while three Ugga duggas is sufficient to hold most projects.
To count an Ugga Dugga one must be wearing a ball cap backwards, have at least one busted knuckle, a beer in reach. Then as you squeeze the trigger of your impact gun, you count off like so, "One Ugga Dugga, Two Ugga Dugga, Three Ugga Dugga..etc" Don't forget the southern, redneck drawl or to spit the juice from your oral tobacco products, or else your Ugga Duggas will not be sufficient.
Bobby looked at Earl and asked, "I forgot was it three Ugga duggas or five Ugga duggas for the bolts on this here McCormick W9?"
by LuckyMcTaggert November 27, 2016
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