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a really bad attempt at a l33t sp34k word, that no one will use and will be completely forgotten within one weeks time.
"excuse me while i throw this tzd in the garbage"
by specious June 14, 2003
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The irc/mtf's version of "teased". Most commonly used in gaming communities where you might pull a fast one and then follow up with the line: tzd.
Bring`iT was gibbed by Paranoid's rocket.
Real Life:
I put that bitch down last night yo, I was out the door by 3 and was like "tzd."
by Paranoid June 13, 2003
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TZD is the best clan of gaming that TZD_MeltShott would ever thought about creating a clan. He's co-host is TZD_TheWarrior, Meltshott and TZD_BadAsss_ Would usauly do 2v2 or 1v1, to practice and learn from mistakes for the real game on "Battle Royale" to make sure they know what to do next time. TZD haves an enemy. But IRL they are friends. They just fight for who is the best clan, TZD_MeltShott is the best player on the group or maybe eve n more.
by TZD_MeltShott November 28, 2018
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