a hot dark male man who is superrrr funny and is great in bed ;) he also is a kind hearted person on the inside
I was talking to tyrick and he made me laugh
by MissDeeisReal April 11, 2014
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The Definition of the name Tyrick is Bitch ass Nigga the beginning of the name Ty come from the Latin Root which means bitch or female dog and The R and I in Rick means ass and the last letters C and K means Nigga so putting the name all together it means Bitch-Ass-Nigga
Person1: “Hey look it’s my Friend Tyrick!”

Person2: “Tyrick? That’s a funny name I wonder where his parents got t from”
Tyrick’s dad: “I got it from an old movie And the main character was a bitch ass nigga... and his name was you guessed it Tyrick.”
by The-official-dictionary March 13, 2021
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