(n.) A person who appears interested in buying your car, but on the day displays any of the following traits.

• Does not show up
• Does not bring money
• Kicks the tyres and complains about even the most minor faults
• Seems to know barely anything about the car
• Offers stupid money (a large amount either side of what you expected)
• Keeps asking if he can part exchange his rusty old Ford for your car, not wondering why anyone wouldn't want it
• Assumes the car is in fine working condition just by kicking the tyres
• Tries to drive a restoration project dozens of miles home with him.
• Asks questions repeatedly, specifically ones mentioned in adevertising the car
• Gets the manufacturers' name wrong
• Asks if you are willing to transport the car without charge.
• Makes a bid for a car placed on ebay or similar without any positive feedback
• Dresses up as, or asserts that they are a priest or mulla in an attempt to pay less for the car
• Is a young driver who just passed his test looking to buy a cheap old car, rice it up, and show off to thier friends. Quite likely to wreck it in a month.
If selling an old or rare car on ebay, it is advisable to warn tyre kickers from bidding.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 6, 2004
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A prospective purchaser of a car who does not know what he or she is looking for when examining the car. From the pointless gesture of kicking the tyres often employed by such.
For Sale: 1965 Triumph Spitfire, Old English White, Partial Service History, No Tyre Kickers.
by Sweavo January 5, 2007
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Somebody who has no intitions of buying somethings or doing something but merley pretendes
dealer: Hi im selling a car
tyre kicker::hello can you give me more information about your car.
dealer: It's a car
tyre kicker:It's the car i want but i rang just for the sake of it i have no intention of buying it bye xx
by http://www.poks.org May 18, 2007
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Somebody who turns up at your door in suit and ties, with a fake Rolex and an empty suitcase pretending to be a genuine businessman who will try to lure you into signing your car away with a cheque that is not worth the paper it is written on.
tyre kickers are a waste of time
by sunnyr2000 August 5, 2010
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The slanderous name given to people who see through car sellers. Often used by people who use after market parts to fix their car after they curb it and "their partner" has reversed it into something. They are selling a dud but need to give a reason as to why the other interested buyers didn't go through with the sale.
Look mate a swear it's 100% legit no need to make a big deal about the details it is what it is. After you I have someone else really interested in this so don't be a Tyre kicker. Sold as seen no guarantees, spare or repairs, great engine and gear box.
by Jacamo knowsbest January 7, 2021
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