The act of a girl named Tyra screaming at a boy named Cammeran in an unprofessional manner.
Tyra went on a tyrade last night, and Cammeran is missing.
by mag111111111 February 24, 2015
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When a normally calm, eloquent person suddenly turns into angry ghetto trash.

Based on Tyra Banks' outbursts.
"I was flipping channels and caught Top Model just in time for a tyrade."

"My co-worker Keiloquesha had one of those the other day."
by marsneedstowels February 4, 2010
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A Hacked Tyrade is where a disgruntled event company employee takes over the social media accounts of their employer/company to petition for things that they deserve but are not getting
I heard TakeTwo went on a hacked tyrade of SIE's insatgram because they wouldn't make him a mod on their twitch account
by TakeTwo January 21, 2021
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