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Malware obtained by incorrectly typing a web URL in the browser or accidentally clicking on the wrong link in search results
I totally mistyped the YouTube address in my browser yesterday . Now I have to take my laptop to the Geek Squad to get the typo virus removed.
by jspost December 05, 2015
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When a popular website is remade with a slightly different name, you accidentally go to that fake website, it can give you a virus. thus the name, typo virus.

-- one of these websites is a remake of a popular search engine. just by mistyping google you can get a virus. dont worry, is not a virus, just someone trying to make a popular website.
Yesterday i got a typo virus by forgetting to type the second "g" in google, now i have to pay to get that fixed.
by almightynino July 25, 2016
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