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take a pic with someone cool, but only get 50% or less of that person in it
he is tylering that pic with bron bron
by emtfan1 March 26, 2012
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The act of being the second string goalie on any sporting team with much better skills than the first string. The only reason that he doesn't start is because his penis is much too large.
Wow, our first string goalie is so tylering our second string goalie. The only reason he starts is because he's a senior.
by ezRusty93 November 11, 2009
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When someone is breathing down your neck while you are telling other people a story and the person breathing down your neck is trying to get in on it
Wow Jim was tylering me while i was talking to you guys
by Ted Mosby the 3rd December 07, 2010
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Tylering is the act of being a Tyler, the problem with this, is that some people don't like Tyler, and thus, will be repulsed by the Tyler
Aw, look at that dickhead Tylering over there.
by solidsnakesdmnf April 29, 2019
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