TwoMad is a sexy ass mother fucker who is better at speed running Minecraft than Dream. TwoMad is epic swagger and can is identified as madsexual. A popular ship and one of my favorites is TwoMad x BadBoyHalo. They would make a sexy couple and have lots of sex. TwoMad is so sexy. His definition is sexy.
"Hey TwoMad! You are so sexy and waaay better than Dream and Skeppy at Minecraft!! You are soooo hot and dreamy and sexxxy!" BadBoyHalo said as he had sexy sex with TwoMad while face timing Jschlatt.
by TwoMadIsSexy January 17, 2021
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Twomad YTP are videos targeted to make Twomad laugh in rob him 1k bucks. These videos are enchanted versions of an YTP that contains all random memes you can think of, complimented with some diarrhea sounds, baba booey and Regular show's intro, etc.
Nerd 1: Hey, did you make Twomad laugh with your Twomad YTP last stream?
Nerd 2: No, I just wasted my 30$ and he didn't even smile. What a shame!
by Rokurou6 June 6, 2020
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-Viktor made a mildly edgy joke, but somehow he wasn't cancelled.
-He's pulling a twomad.
-It wasn't that bad.
by Orvvollyon April 7, 2021
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