A ruling system that gives the POTUS real-time reach to millions. Decisions are made and announced directly on Twitter, as opposed to bureaucracy where consultations, meetings, hearings are made. So far it's worked like a charm.
First enacted by none other than 45th President Donald J. Trump.
A: Hey, the Supreme Leader responded Trump's twitter proposal with an invitation!
B: I gotta say this twitterocracy thing is some shit.

C: Americans are boasting their democracy again!
D: Democracy is a broad concept. Ours is democracy + meritocracy + technocracy.
C: A Holy Trinity. What's their version?
D: The Trump regime is a twitterocracy.
by KazShin July 5, 2019
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The system by which split-second opinions are rendered and sent out for all the world to see, no matter how little they care
The twitterocracy has spoken and hugs are "so in."
by G-Seton May 28, 2009
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