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To send a sensible Twitter message that is exactly 140 characters (including spaces and, if desired, a final period)
@twitku Contemplating why, after burping while alone in the house, I verbalize my apology ; speculating if I am overly polite or just a bit crazy.

Hey look, Arthur just send me a twitku!
by SocoaBeachBum May 07, 2009
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is the art of tiny poetry. It is a contraction of the words twitter and haiku. Because Twitter allows 140 characters or less, the twitku should take the form of 5 characters, then 7, then 5, separated by forward slashes. Spaces are free. Spaces don't count toward your 17 character total. All twitku's should be tweeted to @twitku575
A twitku takes the following form:

no bou/ndary 4 a/rtist
by cpnz July 10, 2008
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