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A gang created in da school rivalry is crab gang and dolphin gang Turtle gang gets most respect so JOIN!!!
Gangbanger im turtle gang give me your money
Civilian why did you even ask just take it aΔΊl
by TurtleGangBitch March 15, 2017
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a gang you make in school and walk around the school with a flag that says turtle gang and you say to everyone to support the turtle gang ;)
by lilchickenbiscuit June 13, 2018
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In the mist of Janesville, Minnesota there's a gang the turtle gang. They are the best gang out there they roam the street and the school we will attach and our sheld is our backs. We will attach the white spider gang.
The turtle gang is the best gang who ever lived
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by Iliketurtlesalottt December 05, 2018
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